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Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

What is an appellate court?

Appellate courts, also known as courts of appeals or appeals courts, are courts that hear appeals from parties dissatisfied with the decision of trial courts. To qualify to work in appellate court, an attorney has to be admitted in that court. An appeal can be taken after a final decision has been entered by the trial court. If someone involved feels that something has been presented incorrectly or unlawfully, they may request an appeal. The appeal goes on to appellate court, where the record of the trial is reviewed and a decision is made.

In the state court system, the first appeal is generally one the intermediate appellate court must hear. Parties dissatisfied there can seek review by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The Tennessee Supreme Court selects the cases it will hear and has the last word unless the decision implicates federal law when there may be a request for the United States Supreme Court to review the matter.

In the federal court system, appeals from the district (trial) courts go to the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Sixth Circuit must hear all those who appeal from the trial courts. Parties unhappy with the Sixth Circuit’s decision may apply to have the United States Supreme Court review the case. That court will select the cases it feels most need to be heard.

A reputation for success

We, provide our clients with insight, experience, and dedication in appellate courts. Since beginning the practice in 1993, we have had a reputation for being excellent appellate court lawyers. We are known for quality research, writing and legal analysis. We are not afraid to compete against anyone when it comes to appellate court. We have the skills necessary to find the errors in a trial court record and bring those mistakes into focus for the appellate court.

Appellate practice calls for special research and writing skills quite different from the skills required at the trial level. It subjects the attorney to the unique experience of being cross-examined by multiple judges on questions of law. The experience of being questioned by judges is both exhilarating and humbling. The opportunity to participate in shaping the policy directions the law will take is exciting and challenging. To be successful, the attorney must thoroughly understand the law, the policy behind the law, and be able to communicate well both orally and in writing. We are up for that challenge.

Experienced appellate court lawyers in Knoxville, TN

At Sobieski, Messer, & Associates, PLLC we are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (federal), the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (federal), the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (federal), the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Claims and all Tennessee appellate courts. Our office is located in Historic Downtown Knoxville. We have fixed hourly rates. For more information, call 865.223.5586 or contact us online.

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